In an era of rapidly accelerating complexity, strategic clarity has never been more important. 

What We Do

When you’re responsible for brand strategy in this era of rapidly accelerating complexity, quickly gaining clarity on the sure-fire growth drivers of your brand has never been more important.

Are you:

  • Launching a new product or service and wishing there were some way you could almost guarantee its success (and therefore your own)?
  • Struggling to figure out the optimal growth plan for an established product or service that has flatlined?
  • Contending with a B2B or B2C company that’s become so multi-divisional/product/audience/national that the enterprise needs to be united under a clear, global master brand positioning?
  • Investing in sponsorships and alliances where you’re not certain they’re right for your brand and giving you the most bang for your buck?
  • Certain every customer touchpoint is set up to deliver on your brand’s unique promise and foster customer loyalty?
  • Inheriting responsibility for a brand’s strategy and want to know that you are doing the right things in your first 100 days to set the optimal course for the brand and your tenure?

We take the guesswork out of brand strategies by working at the intersection of marketing science and strategy to develop brand strategies that are predictive—meaning you can have confidence they’ll work and keep working.


Every client project uses our proven Predictive Branding process that we’ve honed in our work with many brand leaders across diverse categories. We can take you through it in a way that’s faster and more accessible than ever, and we’re known for providing tangible deliverables that enable you to socialize and activate what we find will unlock your brand and business growth—which is the key to results. Our process is applicable when you need:

  • A master brand platform that unifies purpose and positioning
  • Strategic positioning for new and existing products, services, line extensions
  • Alliance, Sponsorship,"Post-Close" M&A Positioning
  • Innovation strategy with divergent ideation, pre-market identification, and qualification
  • An Employee Value Proposition that’s informed by the brand purpose
  • A more effective approach to shaping the customer experience
  • Personal advisement on your plan as a new CMO

How to Engage

Interested in exploring the potential of partnering with us?


1. Predictive Branding Assessment. Start by scheduling a consultation with Jerry Howard. He’ll quickly assess your current state, help you pinpoint exactly for what you are solving, and recommend your next step.

2. Destination Setting. From there, most clients invest in this first phase of our work together, where we ground your brand in the realities of where your business is today and where you want to be in the future. Through face-to-face work and Web meetings, we’ll evaluate existing assets and conduct interviews with your stakeholders to understand their definition of success and how that translates in tangible business outcomes. We’ll identify barriers and opportunities for the brand to drive business strategy. Once we set the destination, we’ll kickstart your ideation process.

Timing: 2-3 weeks

3. Predictive Branding. Upon successful completion of the first phase, we can move right into the core of what makes our approach predictive. We’ll identify the potential hidden growth drivers and apply state-of-the-art, quantitative research that enables informed decision-making about which one(s) to leverage. Then, we’ll make it tangible with turnkey strategic positioning that serves as your practical guide for activating it across your business and with your marketing partners.

Timing: 6-9 weeks.


Don't wait to proactively set the strategy that serves as your growth lever. Schedule your 30-minute branding assessment with Jerry Howard today.